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Breakthroughs happen when we embrace our vulnerability and our courage. The programming is created to make your life easier so you can be happier every day. The community is here to keep you going.

We believe that sharing with each other is the greatest way of teaching. We recognize the value in each of our experiences and the potential in each other.

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Getting down to details

Membership at The Assembly is a 12-month commitment to breathing a little deeper, learning a new thing or two, moving your body with intention, and sharing space with the most badass ladies in the game.



What you get

  • Unlimited monthly fitness classes taught by premiere Bay Area instructors (fee may still apply for specialty classes)
  • Daily on-site wellbeing services with best in class practitioners
  • All day access to self-guided wellbeing services (compression boots, LED facials, massage guns, etc.)
  • 1 monthly Day Pass for a guest and visitor privileges
  • First access to all special events, visiting instructor classes & weekend retreats
  • Stunning outdoor showers complete with soft towels and eco-conscious products
  • The best backyard in The Mission
  • A refresh room for post-class primping and storing valuables during class
  • A light-filled, open, and inspiring clubhouse work and meeting area
  • A private room bookable for meetings
  • Pump room with refrigeration for nursing mamas
  • Phone room for private calls
  • Fully stocked arts and crafts table to unleash your creative juices
  • A curated shop featuring local artists and members
  • A seasonal menu of local and healthy meal options and snacks
  • An incredible community of entrepreneurs, parents, athletes, artists, freelancers, coaches
  • Access to our digital community
  • Perks and discounts at multiple businesses around the Bay Area -- and beyond
  • Weekly and monthly networking events to connect with fellow members (wine tasting, family meal, cocktail hour, movie night)
  • Fast WiFi, comfortable seats, and hugs (only when requested)

Wellbeing Services

In addition to our curated fitness classes, we are in constant discovery of innovative and high-quality wellness experiences. Members of The Assembly have access to discounted self-care services from our trusted practitioners.

Feel Good Room

Drop into our Feel Good Room to try a rotating offering of self-guided wellbeing services for recovery and restoration. Spend some time in our compression boots, work out a knot with the massage gun or refresh your skin with and LED facial.

Member Community Groups

The Assembly can be exactly what you want it to be. You dream it. We help you make it. The goal of our member-led resource groups at The Assembly is to foster supportive groups within our membership for women to celebrate their shared experiences and interests. In addition to monthly social gatherings, these groups often create their own related activities and programming that are of interest to their members.


The Entrepreneurs at The Assembly group aims to learn from each other and outside experts about tackling the biggest challenges that founders face – from taking the initial leap to mastering the cap table.

Want to Come to the Assembly Today?

Assembly Membership. It’s your life. We are just your biggest cheerleader.

The Assembly is a wellbeing club that makes people feel good with exceptional workouts, wellness, food, community, and connection.

The Assembly feels like coming home after a long vacation. The Assembly has given me a space in SF to look forward to visiting.

Emily M.

The Assembly is where I find my peace, quiet, and creative flow. I go to The Assembly to move my body and get my productivity in gear. I always feel welcomed by the awesome staff and love the feng-shui of the venue.

Isabelle N.

The Assembly has changed my life & lifestyle in a very short amount of time by 100% supporting my wellness as an entrepreneur (intro'ing me to cupping!) and providing community and belongingness. I highly, highly recommend! You won't regret it.

Majo M.

The Assembly feels like coming home after a long vacation. The Assembly has given me a space in SF to look forward to visiting.

Emily M.

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The Assembly is a place to go every day,
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The Assembly

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Sat-Sun: 9am-6pm
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