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March 17 - 30


Recurring Monthly Events

Every month, we commit to doing something together. In our fourbyfour groups, experts help us tackle goals and stay on track. With our activity clubs, we get outside and challenge ourselves together. Also, we have a lot of fun.

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Run Club

Fast, relaxed, and everything in between, The Assembly Run Club is all about gathering together to enjoy the city we live in and explore together on foot.

  • Run Coaches to help make running a safe, fun, long-term part of your life
  • A community of fellow runners of all levels
  • Multiple weekly get togethers to put in the miles (and, yes, some hills)
  • Training plans for races a few times a year
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The Assembly fourbyfour is a month long small group experience led by passionate instructors, experts in their fields, and best-in-class motivators.

  • Online accountability group of fellow members & non-members committed to the experience
  • Multiple chances per week to get together for workouts, hangouts, and happy hours
  • An expert coach to answer questions all month long, starting with a kickoff event
  • Fun, conversation, and always some goodies along the way
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On-Going Fitness Classes

Meet our instructors

Come Alive

Come Alive is an invigorating class that challenges the body while focusing the mind. Through intervals of strength training, cardio release, and meditation, this class will challenge you to move through intensity with intention. (45 minutes)

Deep Restore

Join us for a meditative yoga experience that incorporates essential oils, supportive props, and breathwork to allow you to enter a state of pure bliss. Expect a restorative flow that allows tension in the body and the mind to unwind and melt away. (60 minutes)


Up-level yourself. We know you can do it and we’ll be here to support you while you do! Even STRONGER is an extended 75-minute version of our signature class and provides a rewarding challenge we rise to meet as a community. (75 minutes)


The Assembly’s signature high intensity, interval-based workout is focused on strength building - both physically and mentally. You can expect to hit every muscle group for a total body workout from head-to-toe. (45 minutes)


A variation of our signature class, STRONGER, focused on low-impact strength-training using the body as a primary tool. Expect a challenging class of lengthening and toning with a longer stretch to follow. (45 minutes)

STRONGER Upper Body / Lower Body / Core

Sometimes all you have is 30 minutes to squeeze in a sweat sesh which is why we developed these shortened versions of STRONGER targeted to specific areas of your body. These classes can be taken on their own or stacked together. (30 minutes)

The Release

This class uses mobility tools, stretching and movement to bring awareness to the body while addressing specific postural concerns. You will leave relaxed and rejuvenated with better posture, less pain, and a greater overall awareness of your body. (90 minutes)


It’s a bootcamp, it’s a dance class, it’s a party. In thick. you can expect s a continuously-moving class focused on toning butt, legs, and abs to the beat of your favorite hip-hop music. Your ass will thank you later. (45 minutes)


Your network within these walls is safe, warm, and open. You could be swinging a kettlebell next to your future business partner or striking up a conversation at the coffee bar with your new best girlfriend.


Close your laptop. Silence your phone. Open your minds and use your hands to create a tactile moment in your day. Our craft table is open and fully stocked at all times for you to take a moment to use the right side of your brain.

Eat + Drink

Enjoy a dynamic food and beverage program highlighting local and healthy snacks, meals, and beverages to support our members’ balanced lifestyle. When possible we focus on female-founded products.


Expand your mind through conversations, classes, and community, The Assembly prioritizes the safe and supported discovery of new concepts.


Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit in our airy studio space. The Assembly offers fitness classes 7 days a week spaced throughout each day so there is always an opportunity for you to squeeze in a workout.


Whether you want to treat yourself to a manicure, decompress with acupuncture, or quiet your mind with meditation, The Assembly brings in local practitioners and experts in their fields to help you feel your best.

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