At The Assembly, this program is for *you*. Exceptional playlists. Incredible energy. World class instructors. No two workouts are the same. This wellbeing ecosystem is driven by the community, and it’s constantly evolving. Whether you’re in the mood to sweat, chill, try something totally new or just move your body, we’ve got you covered. We’re pretty into finding the right classes and instructors for every person, so ask away!

Fitness Classes

Come Alive

You have to do the work on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone. Come Alive will challenge your body and focus your mind through energy, movement, and music.


This dynamic class focuses on building strength and definition in your core and glutes that will have you burnin’ up til the very last minute.

Deep Restore with Essential Oils

Bliss out in this meditative yoga experience that incorporates essential oils, supportive props and breathwork.

Run Club

Explore San Francisco, make friends and up-level your running practice with our all-levels outdoor running group.

Stretch & Reset

Melt onto your mats, release tension in your body and reconnect with your breath in this mid-day reset.


The Assembly’s signature high intensity, interval-based strength workout will get you lifting heavy, moving together and feeling STRONGER with every session.


It’s STRONGER, minus the weights. Think mind over matter with this low-impact strength-training experience that uses your body as a primary tool.

The Art of Presence

Our guided group meditation is designed to reduce stress, help you feel more present in your life and leave you feeling calm and happy.

The Release

Self-massage has never been sexier. This expert guided class uses therapeutic massage balls for a myofascial release that will leave you feeling deliciously free.


It’s a bootcamp. It’s a dance class. It’s a party — and you’re invited.

Vinyasa Yoga

Step onto your mat for an all-levels yoga practice connecting breath with movement set to inspiring music.

Wellbeing Services

The Assembly creates space for people to discover and practice what makes them feel good.

Ayurvedic Sessions

This consultation helps you better understand your mind-body connection and contextualize any current imbalances.

B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the development of healthy nerves and red blood cells, giving an energy and mood boost as well as building the immune system.

Clean Beauty Consultations

Feel like the most glamorous, vibrant, and eco-conscious version of yourself, while learning about which products keep toxins away from your skin and the environment.

Eyebrow Maintenance

Whether you’re in need of shaping, darkening, or just a little clean up, this quick service will leave your brows looking their best.

Face Sculpt

Face Sculpt helps to tone your face with an exercise regimen and facial massage tailored just for your skin.

Feel Good Room

Drop into our Feel Good Room to try our rotating offering of self-guided wellbeing services for recovery and restoration.

Group Acupuncture

Experience all the benefits of acupuncture in the safe, expert hands of our practitioners. Drop in and let your stress, pain and fatigue melt away.


In just a few minutes, the ancient practice of cupping gives you a boost and loosens your tight spots.


Take a break from your busy day to indulge in a bit of pampering with a fresh mani in the comfort of our Clubhouse.


We can’t think of a better way to unwind than an in-house massage. You work hard, you deserve it.


The practice of Reiki utilizes gentle hands-on healing to channel life force energy by turning inwards to encourage, shift or settle one's energetic flow.

Tarot Readings

Tarot is an incredible tool used to connect you to your intuition and inner wisdom.

Assembly Membership. It’s your life. We are just your biggest cheerleader.

The Assembly is a wellbeing club that makes people feel good with exceptional workouts, wellness, food, community, and connection.

The Assembly has changed my life & lifestyle in a very short amount of time by 100% supporting my wellness as an entrepreneur (intro'ing me to cupping!) and providing community and belongingness. I highly, highly recommend! You won't regret it.

Majo M.

Inspired, accepted, and protected. I'm grateful to be part of a community that feels like home, where I can host friends and clients, where I can workout and be productive. My overall productivity and wellness is next level as a result.

Rose D-R.

The space and programming are fantastic. Yet what really makes it stand apart is the community. They have cultivated a culture of openness, warmth, and inclusiveness. I feel welcome, heard, and know that I am building lasting, meaningful relationships.

Robin S.

The Assembly has changed my life & lifestyle in a very short amount of time by 100% supporting my wellness as an entrepreneur (intro'ing me to cupping!) and providing community and belongingness. I highly, highly recommend! You won't regret it.

Majo M.

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