The Assembly is a community focused on physical and personal wellness. The Assembly is for those who want to grow together and feel good every single day. This sacred space is designed for us to come together, learn, and move in ways that build strength from the inside. Housed within the walls of a historic church, this group of creators, creatives, and passionate humans gathers every day.

The Assembly is a safe place to practice self-care, whether that means finding a solitary area to reflect, learning a new practice, or reaching out to build connections within the community. Our doors are open for you to come find out what it means and looks like to truly give yourself space.

The Team

Molly Goodson

Co-Founder & CEO

Carnet Williams

Co-Founder & COO

Keith Grennan

Founding Engineer

Anabel Lippincott Paksoy

Chief People Officer

Mary Keane

Head of Partnerships & Programming

Grace Wilcox

Head of Content

Justine Flynn

General Manager

Gina Wang

Head of Food & Beverage

Nancy Lappetito

Assistant Manager

Amber Quiñones

Community Growth Associate

Nick Alvarado

Member Experience

Tony Forte

Founding Instructor & Fitness Advisor

Dani Parker

Fitness & Wellness Development Coordinator

DeAnna Caggiano

UI/UX Design Consultant

Ariana Casanovas

Coffee Bar Team Member & Plant Mother

Grace Martineau

Coffee Bar Team Member

Shannon Lubetich

Technical Product Manager

The Instructors

San Francisco’s most passionate teachers and practitioners have come together to share their work within these walls.

Dani Parker

Tony Forte

Liz Letchford

Emily Meersand

Britt Peterson

Mariana De Carvalho

Brigitte Alcantara

The Artists

The Assembly’s aesthetic and beauty is made possible because of local artists, woodworkers, visionaries, and general merriment makers. Explore the space and learn about the artists who had a direct hand in crafting our creative space!

Chase McBride

Heather Day

Meryl Pataky

Sara & Rich Combs

Katie Gong

Aleksandra Zee

Meghan Shimek

Fire on the Mesa

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The Assembly is a place to go every day,
where all of the pieces come together.

449 14th St., Mission District, San Francisco

The Assembly

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-6pm

‭(415) 868-3322‬

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