Q: What are your hours of operation? 

A: M-F 8am-8pm, Sat + Sun 9am-6pm

Q: How would you describe The Assembly? 

A:  The Assembly is a health and wellness space for our community of women to prioritize their self-care and personal growth. 

Q: How are your current members using The Assembly? 

A: We are very proud of the diverse set of people in our space. The average Assembly woman uses our space by coming in to get some work done, take a class, and/or attend our programming events 2-4x per week. It’s been exciting to watch our members connect with the women around them and eventually weave The Assembly into their lives over the course of a few weeks, as it takes time to transition out of an old routine and into a new one! 

Q: How many members do you have? 

A: We currently have around 550 people in our community and are growing at a rate that is conducive and mindful to ensuring our first priority: member experience!

Q: What is the cost of membership and what does it include? 

A: The cost of membership is: $250 monthly (along with a one-time $250 initiation fee) or $2,700 annually.

  • Annual billing results in a waived initiation fee and a 10% price break in membership dues

  • All membership options require a 1-year intended commitment

  • Access to all regularly-scheduled fitness classes

  • Our in-house programming

    • We do have third party events that are ticketed (The Class by Taryn Toomey, our monthly sound bath, etc.). In this case, members will receive a discount on these experiences and have first access to them!

  • Members will receive 1 day pass per month to send to non-members at their discretion. This includes a class and full access to the space with or without the member present. Members will also have the ability to bring up to 2 guests to hang out or do work for up to two hours at a time (these guests need to be escorted by member around the building).

Q: What sort of programming do you have? What type of classes are you offering?

A: Check out our schedule of all upcoming events and classes at The Assembly here.

  • We host events that relate to a range of topics: social/member connection, giving back, culinary experiences, meditation, acupuncture, career, music, arts, motherhood, gardening, nutrition, politics, etc. The types of events we host are constantly changing based on what our members would like to see.

  • The Assembly also has regularly scheduled fitness classes with top tier instructors and a variety of programming. To start, we offer around four classes per day, anchored by our signature class, STRONGER, which is a 45-minute strength training class. Our classes range in intensity and feature styles from restorative stretching to strength training to movement.

Q: Can I put my membership on hold

AWe allow a one calendar month membership pause on a rolling 12-month basis with no questions asked. Anything beyond that is subject to a $50/month freeze fee to hold your spot in our community. 

Q: Do you have trial memberships?

A: We do not have “trial memberships” but we are happy to have you join us for one of our wellness/fitness experiences, programming events, or hangout for a few hours to get a feel for The Assembly and see if it’s a space you can imagine thriving in! Additionally, we offer day passes at a rate of $70 which allows you entrance to our space, 1 wellness or fitness class, and admittance to events that occur in the chosen day (ticketed events are not included day pass rate). 

Q: I would like to visit The Assembly before I commit. Is this possible? 

A: Yes! Please visit our tour page on the website to schedule a time to check out the space with a member from our Community team. If these times do not work, please email us at aloha@theassembly.com and we can find a time that better suits your schedule.