I’m Molly, the co-founder and CEO of The Assembly.

I’m very excited to officially open our doors in a couple weeks and (yay!) we’ve had enough interest that we are currently putting people on a waitlist. That said, I totally know there is not a ton of information on this site right now. This is not because we are trying to be secretive; it’s because our small team is heads down getting ready for liftoff. In the meantime, if you reach out to be on the waitlist you’ll have a chance to chat with us 1:1 before then.

Ever since we started showing people our space, giving tours, having meetings, and holding classes, I’ve fielded many of the same questions. I suppose you could call them...frequently asked.

So here are a few answers. It’s not all the answers to all the questions. Some are too lengthy to go into here, so let’s save it for when we meet in person. Plus, I care deeply about tone and that nuance is lost in a pop up FAQ on a landing page. So, if there’s something else you want answered send me an email: molly@theassembly.com and we can talk.

And now onto the FAQs:

What is The Assembly?

The Assembly, like so many of us, doesn’t love to be boiled down to a one-liner. In its most basic form, it’s a stunning space that we built as a clubhouse for women to work, workout, connect, and relax in the city. It’s one part boutique fitness studio, one part casual work space, one part design haven from an incredible creative team. The Assembly is a hybrid space built for our hybrid lives. Upstairs and outside are creative spaces for you to work, have meetings, and connect with other women. Downstairs is the studio, kitchen, and backyard.

It’s a sanctuary hiding in plain sight in the Mission. While this may sound like a lot to take in, when you walk through the door it all makes sense. The Assembly is the place to try something new, hang out over a glass of whatever works for you, and pop in for a few hours of productivity or calm on any day.

Our programming is all based around creating a sense of well-being and health. While workouts are a big part, it doesn’t end there. We are developing nutrition offerings, personal services like acupuncture and massage, experiences like sound baths and guided meditation, and social events. We also mean career development, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

Is it for women only?

Women are at the heart of everything we are creating at The Assembly. This community and space is being designed and programmed top-to-bottom with women in mind. That said, men are welcome as guests and day pass holders just as long as they're cool with all the above. There will be certain conversations, classes, and events that are more suited to being women-only experiences and men will just have to deal with that.

How did you find the space?

My co-founder, Carnet, found it on the internet and convinced me to check it out. I wasn’t sold until I walked in. I have a feeling you might feel the same way. The building has a beautiful history and an energy that if I tried to describe it might sound over-the-top.

How did you decide on the membership price?

We set out to find a price that we felt best fit the experience. When I was casually looking at co-working spaces, I had two main concerns. First, they were all far more formal than what I was looking for. I basically wanted a coffee shop that was more comfortable, warmer (literally and figuratively) and was a place where I could get up and go to the bathroom without worrying about my stuff. Secondly, co-working spaces are pretty expensive, partially because they come with amenities I don’t need. When it’s just me and my laptop for a few hours at a time, it should be priced as such. That was step one.

Also, when you add in some top-notch classes right downstairs, a community of kick ass women doing things by your side, and events curated by the community based on their needs, we think it’s the right price.

So are you going to add more membership tiers?

Once we open and get our sea legs under us, we will be actively working on figuring out the best pricing structure to accommodate as many people as possible.

What does membership include?

Unlimited use of the space. Access to events programmed by our team and curated by the community, including opportunities to engage, network, and work on your career development. A number of classes included per month, beyond that a small fee per workout class. First access and deep discounts to our visiting instructors and urban retreat weekends.

Why are you taking CC numbers to put my name on the waitlist?

We have 1:1 conversations with everyone who inquires about membership, so we want to ensure that you are seriously interested in hearing more before reaching out. We will never charge you without your confirmation beforehand. You will have a call, see the space, or both depending on your needs before that step. If The Assembly is not a good fit, we will delete your card information.

What kind of classes do you have?

We are launching with a slate of classes and instructors we are incredibly proud of. We have been working with some of the top tier talent in the city (and beyond) to build a schedule that is focused on strength, mobility, and motion. There will be a range of classes from low intensity to high. We’re excited to announce the official schedule in early January. We will be launching with classes morning, noon, and evening as well as weekends.

We will be having monthly Urban Retreat weekends highlighting some of the most sought after trainers and studios from around the country. Do you have a dream class or instructor you’ve been wanting to try? Tell me about it. Truly, I’ll reach out!

Can I drop in?

We will have the ability to get a day pass to come check out the space, try a class, and see what all the hoopla is about. This is pending room in class and the space based on member flow, so if you’re hoping to make this a regular thing (and we hope you are) think about joining! Plus you get to come to all our member events, which are just the best.

Do you have showers?

We are in the permit process and will be working to get them installed ASAP. In the meantime, our Refresh Room is a place to freshen up. Also, we think you look and smell great.

What is your background?

I’d love to tell you my life story (truly). I spent the first decade of my career in the women’s media world, so that’s the start. Let’s grab a coffee, tea, glass of wine and I can take you from there to here. Plus, I’d like to hear about you as well.

How many members do you/will you/could you have?

Member experience is the most important thing to us when we open. To start, we are keeping our numbers well below our capacity to ensure we do that. We will be bringing in new waves as we feel ready for them with our staff and programming.

Are you elitist? Is this elitist?

Come meet us. I hope you’ll get your answer.

Can I bring my dog (woof), my cat (meow), or my baby (hi!)?

We love furry things and mini people. That said, outside of service animals we reserve their invitations for events or experiences at The Assembly specifically suited for their needs.

Why are you creating this?

I think the world needs this. When I started thinking about The Assembly, I put together all the pieces of the place that I wanted to wake up and go to every morning. I wanted new innovative classes, a place to work quietly, an opportunity to expand my horizons by meeting incredible women in San Francisco, and quite frankly and personally, a break from the tech scene. I wanted a place to bring my dream instructors. I wanted a place to learn about how to engage with the city that I have lived in for the past 12 years.

I didn’t realize how much I needed connection. The time that I have spent with the early members here at The Assembly have already taught me so much. We have sex therapists, pilots, doctors, consultants, artists, writers...and yes, of course, engineers, investors, coaches, trainers, and more. Maybe you? Maybe you.

So, I’m Molly. And I hope to meet you soon.  


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